Please send any support requests to and someone will be in touch with you in 48 business hours or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can register as a paramedic right on the homepage or as a business here. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to register. You can’t register while already logged into an account.

The login page has a password reset function you can use. If you’re still having trouble send an email to

At this point in time you can’t have an all-in-one account just through regular registration. If you really really want to have one send us an email: and we’ll see what we can do!

Pending reviews can be removed on your Dashboard screen and you can use the “Delete Review” button to wipe out any reviews you don’t like from your profile that have been approved. Note: Users that post reviews will always see them on your profile but you decide whether or not other users can see them.

To update or set your avatar you’ll have to go to your edit profile page and you should see a grey area on the right-hand side with the title “Avatar” in bold text and a button that says manage.

Click the manage button then you’ll see a popup which will allow you to upload a photo from your computer (this may take a minute), once the photo is loaded you’ll be able to crop it using the control just below the upload button (there is a preview in the bottom left).  Once you’re happy with the photo and the way it is cropped click the “Update Avatar” button and you’ve set your avatar!

Note: To replace your current avatar you have to delete it using the “Delete Local Avatar” button in the Manage Avatar popup and then upload a new one using the steps above.

If you have any trouble with this or any questions or just want to say hello send a message to